Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys – for planning and conservation

Whether you are applying for planning permission or looking to manage your site for conservation, an extended phase 1 survey – also known as a preliminary environmental assessment – is an essential foundation. Vulpes Ecology offers a comprehensive service including site visits, desktop studies and a JNCC-compliant report with a site map. Please contact for a quote.

Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan environmental advice

Neighbourhood Plans offer important opportunities for conservation, particularly through their ability to propose Local Green Spaces. Vulpes Ecology offers detailed surveys and reports for any specific sites that you may wish to preserve for their biodiversity, historic and amenity value. Also on offer is an overview of your parish to determine key ‘wildlife corridors’ and habitats of principle conservation importance.

Local Plans are created by district councils in accordance with the National Policy Planning Framework. Whether you are a council considering the viability of land that has been submitted to you by a landowner or a parish council or private individual needing to make an informed comment about proposed sites in your area, Vulpes Ecology can provide a comprehensive ecological assessment.

Mammal Surveys

Vulpes Ecology offers a full variety of terrestrial mammal surveys, including fieldsign surveys (such as for badgers), camera trapping, small mammal live-trapping and ink-tunnel trapping for hedgehogs, dormice and small mammals.